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Posted in Memoirs on 2002.06.28 by Jacinto Quesnel

Tonight I did it again… I went around hitting the ‘random’ link at the LJ site and started adding to my friend list anyone that seemed to me like an interesting person.
I’m only doing this out of anthropological curiosity, maybe at least one of this persons will turn out to be a worthy one.

NOTICE: If you are one of these 3 added persons, please don’t freak out, I’m not a pervert nor a creep… well, maybe I’m a creep, but not that sort of creep you where just thinking of.
So please, if you want to have some teete-a-teete just send me an e-mail. If you want me to, I’ll remove you from my friends list ASAP.



Posted in Infornography on 2002.06.27 by Jacinto Quesnel

I’l only translate if you ask me to, it has much more sense in spanish anyway:

Cierto artífice pintó
una lucha en que valiente
un hombre solamente
a un horrible león venció

Otro león que el cuadro vió,
sin preguntar por su autor,
en tono despreciador
dijo: bien se hecha de ver
que es pintar como querer
y no fué león el pintor.


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Car crash IM

Posted in Memoirs on 2002.06.24 by Jacinto Quesnel

jhas777: Hello
Oaxaca: hey man. what’s up?
you okay?
jhas777: yeah… still a little shaked up.
jhas777: but I’m ok, so is my girlfriend, she was with me in the car.
Oaxaca: were you at fault or the other person? or don’t they keep track of that in Mexico?
jhas777: the insurance company does… we didn’t had to go to the police, since no-one got really injured.
jhas777: onle my car presented serious damage actually.
Oaxaca: how bad was it damage?
jhas777: There was oil and water on the pavement and the car sliped more than 10 yards…
jhas777: so it was suposedly my fault.
Oaxaca: your car still drivable?
jhas777: the whole front of the car… the fan, the radiator, the lights, some minor stuff.
jhas777: yes, it remained drivable, but it would overheat by the lack of a fan… and it’s not my car.
Oaxaca: ouch.
I’ve done that twice, myself. both my fault.
Oaxaca: who’s car?
jhas777: it’s my grannies… now I own her lot’s of money… damn. And I was broke before the accident, now you go wonder.
Oaxaca: damn. man. sorry.
jhas777: Aw well… those things could happen to anyone.
Oaxaca: yes, they can. I’ve been in four accidents, myself.
jhas777: I’m glad there where no bad injuries or death people involved.
Oaxaca: yes, that is a good thing.
jhas777: Know what?… I’ll repost our conversation to my journal… it’s that ok?
Oaxaca: sure. i don’t mind. is talking about it helping?
jhas777: Yeah, I think… I’ve been talking about it with lots of people since ti hapened and I seem to feel better . 🙂
Oaxaca: good. the first accident i was in i cried for two or three hours afterwords. i could have killed someone. i wasn’t prepared to realize that.
jhas777: I see… what scares me the most is the fact that I didn’t got scared at all.
jhas777: maybe it was how fast it hapened.
Oaxaca: yes, that is part of it. it took awhile for me to realize what had happened.
I hate to say it, but I’ve been in similar situations enough times, that I no longer even get an adrenaline rush.
jhas777: Maybe it’s the same for me, it was my first car crash, but I’ve had some other quite risky accidents… like falling from the roof of a two store house.
Oaxaca: that would be a bit frightening after words.
jhas777: hell yeah.
Oaxaca: i’ve jumped off of one story houses, but not two.
jhas777: it feels like shit… don’t do it.
jhas777: I didn’t broke a bone… but I could have died in that accident.
Oaxaca: i bet.
Oaxaca: yes, you could have.
i need to take off for awhile. i’ll prob be back in a little while.
jhas777: ok, see you later… I’ll be out tonight, but tomorrow I’ll be here.
*** Oaxaca signed off at Mon Jun 24 20:21:39 2002.

Car Crash

Posted in Memoirs on 2002.06.24 by Jacinto Quesnel

I had a car crash last night, the car I was driving had a full insurance and no-one got injured… fortunatelly.
I’m tired, I have been all day dealing with this, damn insurance agents, damn human stupidity. I’m so uncomfortable right now, that I’ll give up more details in another entry.

after-midnight, all god

Lost and angst

Posted in Memoirs on 2002.06.18 by Jacinto Quesnel

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I’m feeling angry, too much to do, and not enough time to do it. Damn school, damn everything. I wish I had more time in my hands so I could do what I would like to do… not stupid homework like that I have right now.

And I’m sad, deeply-.— I feel hurt and I don’t know why,,,

Then I tuned on the world cup to see if it cheered me up… worst of all: 2-0… hate, lots of hate. I hope Germany kicks the hell out of the U.S. in the next match.

Beware, I’m very sensitive these days… for no aparent reason.

ps. Thanks to Ryan for the link to my livejournal, that shurely stoped me from getting depressed.

Homework again

Posted in Memoirs on 2002.06.16 by Jacinto Quesnel

One of my teachers went crazy— the fucking idiot wants us to do so much homework for his class this weekend that we would had to leave out all other classes’ homework. To hell with him, I would rather keep up my good grades in 5 subjects than only in his.

the fucker — all of my classmates seem to agree with me.

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Sleepy Poetry

Posted in Glossolalia on 2002.06.14 by Jacinto Quesnel


Black dogs howl in the night
My dogs

The pale moon is being covered by wings
My wings

There’s a howl that terrifies the heart of men,
My howl

They hide from me
a mouthless screamer



Why are you staring at me like that?
are you sleepy?
me too.



Soon I’ll have to wake up.
Why?. I’m not even sleeping.
The thruth… it hurts… so does my back.



I see you,
I can see your soul
And I can see your heart.
I could change it,
but I won’t
because you need to learn everything by yourself

I have created you,
I have raised you till the edge of destruction,
I could do anything with you,
but I wont
because I’m not even watching anymore.



Anima posesa

Humanus dementia




there’s a light for the future
but 2003 it’s not yet here,
it’s past- long time go.

what’s all this light about?