Hive pics series 1

I’ve uploaded low-quality versions of the series 1, the pics can be reached at Geoshities.

Please not only sugest which ones should Ryan accept as artwork for the book, but which ones you liked the most for the game, so then I’ll make a second part for the series, containing more drawings and abstract decorations.

I’ve changed my mind, so I’ll only make 3 series:

series 1: this one.
series 1 part two: what comes out later, but in the same spirit as this series.
series 2: nomenclatura (six pics based on each one of the basic attributes)
series 3: weird runic/circuit pics (maybe a font)

This is in order to be able to sink my hands on Ryan’s idea to make a Hive tarot, I’d love to.

That’s it for tonight… see you again tomorrow after midnight.

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