I’m bored so I’ll get a little deeper into my weekend…

Saturday was all a family thing, I woke up early to go with my grannie and ek’ to my lil’ half-sister’s party. It was kinda nice, but as in any family reunion, I tend to get a little neurotic and overreacting.

Then, I received information that a friend from childhood that I hadn’t seen for ten years now, got married this wendesday, so I went home to get some sleep. And at night I went to his house to congratulate him, and watch the world cup, Mexico played well, all the people in the hose started sreaming and some even got intentions of getting drunk because ‘we won’. Around 4:30 when the game finished I went to my dad’s house with ek’ for us to get some sleep, as he lives a few minutes from there, and I live 1:30 hour away.

In the morning we both got thogeter a 150 pieces puzzle with my lil-half-sis (she’s 9). And after that we went my place, with my grannie, whom I live with I you didn’t knew, and it turned up my brother was visiting.

Then ek’ and I started painting our homework, and finished like an hour ago. Mine is a self-portait, I’ll upload it as a LJ pic when I finish it.

Let me burn you down.

Well, it was a long weekend, homework, watching the soccer world cup at midnight. (yeah! Mexico is winning!, I’m happy). and now I’m tired.

Doing some aditional sketches…

See you again tomorrow after midnight.

What Seven Deadly Sin Are YOU? [?]

You’re ENVY! You want everything that everyone else has. Nothing’s good enough for you, and sometimes even YOU aren’t good enough. You’re represented by the color green.

Find your emotion!


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