Sleepy Poetry


Black dogs howl in the night
My dogs

The pale moon is being covered by wings
My wings

There’s a howl that terrifies the heart of men,
My howl

They hide from me
a mouthless screamer



Why are you staring at me like that?
are you sleepy?
me too.



Soon I’ll have to wake up.
Why?. I’m not even sleeping.
The thruth… it hurts… so does my back.



I see you,
I can see your soul
And I can see your heart.
I could change it,
but I won’t
because you need to learn everything by yourself

I have created you,
I have raised you till the edge of destruction,
I could do anything with you,
but I wont
because I’m not even watching anymore.



Anima posesa

Humanus dementia




there’s a light for the future
but 2003 it’s not yet here,
it’s past- long time go.

what’s all this light about?


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