Car crash IM

jhas777: Hello
Oaxaca: hey man. what’s up?
you okay?
jhas777: yeah… still a little shaked up.
jhas777: but I’m ok, so is my girlfriend, she was with me in the car.
Oaxaca: were you at fault or the other person? or don’t they keep track of that in Mexico?
jhas777: the insurance company does… we didn’t had to go to the police, since no-one got really injured.
jhas777: onle my car presented serious damage actually.
Oaxaca: how bad was it damage?
jhas777: There was oil and water on the pavement and the car sliped more than 10 yards…
jhas777: so it was suposedly my fault.
Oaxaca: your car still drivable?
jhas777: the whole front of the car… the fan, the radiator, the lights, some minor stuff.
jhas777: yes, it remained drivable, but it would overheat by the lack of a fan… and it’s not my car.
Oaxaca: ouch.
I’ve done that twice, myself. both my fault.
Oaxaca: who’s car?
jhas777: it’s my grannies… now I own her lot’s of money… damn. And I was broke before the accident, now you go wonder.
Oaxaca: damn. man. sorry.
jhas777: Aw well… those things could happen to anyone.
Oaxaca: yes, they can. I’ve been in four accidents, myself.
jhas777: I’m glad there where no bad injuries or death people involved.
Oaxaca: yes, that is a good thing.
jhas777: Know what?… I’ll repost our conversation to my journal… it’s that ok?
Oaxaca: sure. i don’t mind. is talking about it helping?
jhas777: Yeah, I think… I’ve been talking about it with lots of people since ti hapened and I seem to feel better . 🙂
Oaxaca: good. the first accident i was in i cried for two or three hours afterwords. i could have killed someone. i wasn’t prepared to realize that.
jhas777: I see… what scares me the most is the fact that I didn’t got scared at all.
jhas777: maybe it was how fast it hapened.
Oaxaca: yes, that is part of it. it took awhile for me to realize what had happened.
I hate to say it, but I’ve been in similar situations enough times, that I no longer even get an adrenaline rush.
jhas777: Maybe it’s the same for me, it was my first car crash, but I’ve had some other quite risky accidents… like falling from the roof of a two store house.
Oaxaca: that would be a bit frightening after words.
jhas777: hell yeah.
Oaxaca: i’ve jumped off of one story houses, but not two.
jhas777: it feels like shit… don’t do it.
jhas777: I didn’t broke a bone… but I could have died in that accident.
Oaxaca: i bet.
Oaxaca: yes, you could have.
i need to take off for awhile. i’ll prob be back in a little while.
jhas777: ok, see you later… I’ll be out tonight, but tomorrow I’ll be here.
*** Oaxaca signed off at Mon Jun 24 20:21:39 2002.


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