To much coffee

Ok, I had too much coffee, it’s been two days of drinking no liquids other than coke and coffe, and eating no more than fruits, cheetos, cheese, tortillas and chocolate.
Saturday I had an event doing some Atomoton demos… during a LotR tournament, it turned out well, I was with my lil’ bro and we had fun as we haven’t in months, maybe years. since I barely see him anymore.
The rest is about lost work, stupid and pointless homework and some real homework as well. I’m working on an organic scupulture based on indian mandalas, microscopic organisms, electronics, and shub-niggurath (it’s turning out pretty interesting).
I took lot’s of photographs today, I’ll check how they turned out later, I don’t have the money right now… I’m really broke since the car crash.
I feel sleepy, and I have too much work ahead, maybe I’ll have to sell my painting and scupultures at the park this summer to pay-off my ass and maybe even saving up for a new computer, ortrip to the next origins, or to help publishing The Hive, who knows, it depends on how many paints I sale, wish me luck.

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