This is not my life

I’m out of the house of art again, I guess that means I’m on vacation from school, if a 25-day weekend can be called that way.
I got better grades this time around, but one stupid teacher blewed it all up not accepting the hospital’s letter about me being sick the day of the final test. So the fucker gave me 70%, while a classmate who had been out all of semester and attended the day of the test got a 95%… my nerves are striving for revenge on his guts.
Curiously enough, I have become very fond of his girlfriend’s best friends… so If my nerves keep asking for said revenge I will be able to talk her into dumping the bastard. I’ve let him now it’s not good to piss me off and he did, so, he was warned, I’ll have no regrets.

On other news, some cute little monkeys told me in a test:

kind of LJer are you?

no masterpiece here yet, maybe in a few months.

And then, here’s my result for another few tests, but let’s get this straight: I’m straight… I of course will try anything on bed WITH A FEMALE. That said, go on and check I’m an


What’s *Your* Sex Sign?


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