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Long weekend

Posted in Memoirs on 2002.09.17 by Jacinto Quesnel

Friday: morning I was invited to an Anime Radio Show. It was very nice, I had lot’s of fun, and after the show I met a band called “Pink Punk”, they are nice to talk with.
That same day, when I go thome, I was surprised by the fact that my brother had organized a gaming night, we played ’till 6:00 in the morning- which brings me to —

Saturday: It was about to be a nice day, but sudenly I got some bad news about other family members, so I got a little depressed. That night I went to a birthday party a friend had at his place, it was quite boring, and I couln’t sleep even if I tried… yuck.

Today I didn’t did much… I slept until 5 noon, cooked, configured some MUGEN stuff and downloaded some Intellivision MP3.

Right now, I’m feeling a little depressed, and I’m not shure about the source for this depression.



Posted in Silhouette on 2002.09.13 by Jacinto Quesnel

Mysterious and a scholar, you are a member of the Tremere clan. You are pretty loyal to your clan, well, you sort of have to…especially since you are blood-bonded to most of them. You are the intelligentsia of the Camarilla and are fascinated with the occult. Possessing the ability to use blood for magic, many clans don’t like to approach you. However, that is fine with you. You tend not to trust the other clans anyway.

What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?

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Funky Scholar Bureaucracy

Posted in Memoirs on 2002.09.13 by Jacinto Quesnel

I used to be in peace with myself yesterday… but now, another encounter with the mexican scholar bureaucracy has ruined my temper.

I’m angry… very angry.
Just because they are lazy bastards and opened their office 1 hour late (!), I didn’t got two of the subjects I wanted for this semester…

I’ll write a letter to the principal to see if he can do anything about it. Until then, I’ll be angry at the system.

Now, I hate the system, fuck the system.

“And you’re the reason why – I hate this country
And you’re the reason why – I hate this world
Why you can’t die – on Ground Zero”
– The Retrosic.

In such a big city

Posted in Memoirs on 2002.09.12 by Jacinto Quesnel

Mexico City is the biggest city in the world… Tokio has more people per kilometer, and london has more rats… But Mexico City is the one.

It’s rare to find known people all across the city, except of course if you’re visiting your school/work/favorite bar/gaming con/etc.

And I haven’t seen most of my neighbors in a while, specially since I started to go to school so far away from home (2 hours, from north to south and 2 hours back). But today, in one my last days of vacation, I started a walk over the comercial area of my Town (Naucalpan, only one of the many towns composing Mex. City), and was glad to encounter so many familiar faces, I don’t even know their names, I’ve nevr talked with them, but they are a part of my sub-city inside the city, it felt like getting back home after a year, now I’m ready to leave again.

School, here I go… see you next Tuesday.

Thinking and Sadness

Posted in Glossolalia on 2002.09.10 by Jacinto Quesnel

I realized I think a lot while I’m sad. I don’t really know if it is the sadness which leads me to think, or the thinking that arouses the sadness.

Bhagavad-Gita Excerpts

Posted in Glossolalia, Memoirs on 2002.09.6 by Jacinto Quesnel

I think the following might apply to The Hive somehow:

“I established this whole Universe with a single portion of myself, and remain separate”
“Those who are wise in spiritual things grieve neither for the dead nor for the living”
“There is no existence for that which does not exist, nor is there any non-existence for what exists.”

Don’t be scared

Posted in Glossolalia, Infornography on 2002.09.6 by Jacinto Quesnel

We usually feel so secure behind our monitors, and we often get paranoid to give out information over the net.
Be as confident as you are on the streets. The street are yours, but you still have to be little carefull.

“for you I’m just a number and a clever screen name”
– Bad Religion, I love my computer