In such a big city

Mexico City is the biggest city in the world… Tokio has more people per kilometer, and london has more rats… But Mexico City is the one.

It’s rare to find known people all across the city, except of course if you’re visiting your school/work/favorite bar/gaming con/etc.

And I haven’t seen most of my neighbors in a while, specially since I started to go to school so far away from home (2 hours, from north to south and 2 hours back). But today, in one my last days of vacation, I started a walk over the comercial area of my Town (Naucalpan, only one of the many towns composing Mex. City), and was glad to encounter so many familiar faces, I don’t even know their names, I’ve nevr talked with them, but they are a part of my sub-city inside the city, it felt like getting back home after a year, now I’m ready to leave again.

School, here I go… see you next Tuesday.

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