Long weekend

Friday: morning I was invited to an Anime Radio Show. It was very nice, I had lot’s of fun, and after the show I met a band called “Pink Punk”, they are nice to talk with.
That same day, when I go thome, I was surprised by the fact that my brother had organized a gaming night, we played ’till 6:00 in the morning- which brings me to —

Saturday: It was about to be a nice day, but sudenly I got some bad news about other family members, so I got a little depressed. That night I went to a birthday party a friend had at his place, it was quite boring, and I couln’t sleep even if I tried… yuck.

Today I didn’t did much… I slept until 5 noon, cooked, configured some MUGEN stuff and downloaded some Intellivision MP3.

Right now, I’m feeling a little depressed, and I’m not shure about the source for this depression.


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