CURP & Pam's Test

Today I got the mark of the beast, I gathered with others at Armaggedon and got something here in Mexico is called ‘CURP’ (a barcode that identifies people for whatever manners the goberment wants to; sort of Social Security Number in the U.S). It’s a paper and a matrix of numbers in a worldwide secret database controlled by the big one itself… not a tattoo (yikes). Of course, wish it was just a tattoo, then I could have it removed.
why did I got it? – because I had to… in order to receive any sort of scolaship from the goverment.

I have lot’s of homework: 30 drawings, 1 plastic modelled small piece and the reading of 560 pages of aparently usseless rambling- I was planning to get on it… but first I HAD to do a Quiz… so I went to Pam’s Site and made hers.

my blackdaisies character

You are Pamela (me!). You like video game and anime characters, collecting books and DVDs and surfing (alot) on the web. You watch a lot of Star Trek and go to comic book and sci fi conventions. You surf through messageboards and attempt to put in your lame ass opinions any chance you get. You probably run your own website with it’s own messageboard and buy unnecessary stuff on auction sites. You’re a nerd and you know it. You probably even made your own dumb quiz.

Take the Which Black Daisies Character Are you Quiz?


This is getting too far… Why am I getting so obsessed with quizes?


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