How to destroy angels

THere seems to be no human way I could cancel this journal.

So I will start making something out of it again… since this serves higer purpose.

I-ll make my own website… share binary cigarrettes with my internet friends. Talk about my real life. Wake up a little. Gather around.

BTW. I/m just one year and a half to finish my career. So here I go, a title in photography and sculpture… maybe a job in investigation. Arranging an exposition in New York actually. What the hell. And Hong Kong as well.

Now into something REALLY megalomaniac:

On other news… we folks at Slave State ( are about to finish somethyng. I=m so excited, this could be the best gaming system ever… damned, I was thinking a way it could support being an engine for Videogames.

That-s fairly bad for a comebak to LJ, but I don-t mind… to hell with it.


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