I am sleepy.

Damned I Iam so drugged on tylenol and so sleepy that I can barelly write.
I-=m thinking… do I belong somewhere?. I mean… it-s always like I-m in everything and nothing… like I belong to all the clubs… but ain-t really innone of them

To hell with the pose of Mr Know.it.all… this is me, I can-t get rid of it.
Shit, I even appeared on the newspappers two days ago> check the article here, I-m the guy on the picture

It seems I even have made some fans over the years. Warmblooded and all.

And I can-t get no one to know me. I feel lonely thought I-m surrounded by so many people. All they know is masks. I-ve lost myself somewhere. Check my entry on Deviant Art Journal for more into the same stupid egotist fancyness…

I-ll seek help, I-m really becoming ezquisotypical now.


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