html dreams

Ok… now I-m done with it. I-m buying a web hosting service and uploading my stuff there!… yeah!…
or, if any of you could set a folder for me, then I wouldn-t, I-m just sick of not having a banner free website to use as an online portfolio> I have all this shity drawings, designs, photos, and documents rotting on my hard drive.

I GOT WORK!: Had to do this custom work in OLD STYLE html coding. It was hard work… but fun, and I finally got it done.
The site is a directory for Mexican Opera singers this is a test site of it, tell me if ya like it.

I am doing a nice big cthulhu poster… if it turns out well I-ll submit to chaosium I guess… anyhow… I-m doing it by hand, for my screen.

ok, here-s a nicey cutey online magazine.

It has nice works by and , among others not in LJ. I already made submisions for issue 2 and 3.
Die Zombies!… DIE!…

Also, on other news, David Harvey released the source code for Byakhee, so it-s now goin to be GNU. I-ll be working on the project with art and graphics for this marvellous software. Put my old byakhee spanish translations back up online… byahkee spanish sheets can be downloaded here.

Finally… I am organizing a big party in my yard here-s a news page with the info.

ME ME ME ME/// it-s all about me… and you of course. (MEMES)


(quick poetry)

red blood
white noise
pink curtain walking
death is just a melody
blinded by the mexican sun

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