Call of Uncle Cthulhu

Ok, So now I finished this spanish language Do-It-Yourself Call of Cthulhu Keeper’s Screen. It consists of two sheets of paper containing original art and the most basic tables for the game. You print out the PDF, cut the dotted lines, and will have all the tables you need for your custom Call of Cthulhu screen *a quite literal cut and paste*. An exterior drawing featuring the great cthulhu and some investigators is on works right now, I expect it to be of the highest quality. If anyone is interested in me doing an english version, let me know.

I’ll also make some Noise Art in a CD, I was thinking on making some copies featuring all original art (5 mini-postcards of my city) and send some of them (maybe 5 to 20) to anyone for free, maybe selling the rest if they ever actually sell; I just have to think on a good way to do this, since I don-t have a website yet… Maybe I should consentrate on the website right?.

Finally… tomorrow I-ll go to school… and most probably finish a web site and calendar for Shadow Industries, I’ll let you know.

C-ya all.


“does anyone even care about those “special” brownies they are having in the fridge?”


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