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Posted in Infornography on 2004.07.6 by Jacinto Quesnel

Childhood is only gone to those who allow it to pass it by; those who spend their lives being a-mused.

When one is touch with the inner child, with curiosity, sincerity or
arrogance in a naive way, as a child does… then childhood is eternal.

Of course a good balance is needed in all things, and we must also take
into account our culture, our past and find out where is strenght and
wisdom, as a mature person does. Then we might also know many other
things. And use them.

Has childhood disappeared into the past leaving you a dried husk devoid
of immatureness?. Playing, gaming, being childish is a good way to
connect with creative imagination. That’s why I like making games as a
form of art.
My main problem is how to artize things, to infuse everything with art,
to take an object to an artistic status, I have decided to dedicate my
life to do so, art and gaming are my ways of living. And having my
inner child screaming loud inside me is inherent to me as being neuroti
or sarcastic.