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Posted in Infornography on 2004.09.24 by Jacinto Quesnel

Underage masturbation toy!

nuff said.


my web site

Posted in Memoirs on 2004.09.17 by Jacinto Quesnel

I’ll go absolutelly minimal for the site… that’ll help to get it faster.

As for the color scheme, I-ve decided deep red, cream yellow-white and dark blue.

Looks nice with a techno font and some blinking over the menus…. guess that would be it.

The domain is not the problem. But a nice space to try it. The Hosting service of has limited FTP access… once per day… not very good when you’re working on a site.

Never More a Web Site for me!!

Posted in Memoirs on 2004.09.16 by Jacinto Quesnel

Egoistic ranting, bitching and complaining follows>

I am sick of this, many of us, webmasters or wanabe webmasters share a diseaso known as the LACK OF A SITE OF YOUR OWN.
I mean, like personal temple where you just talk about yourself in a few pages and post some curriculum stuff and that would be it.

Maybe some art… ye know… even some mp3.

But here we are.
I need to do a site for me very quickly tho, because they asked me for one in order to enter a special web design school program. So Here I am, with so many yaers to do it… but I don-t even have Hosting Service for it.

Spare me, I need time I don-t have to make this hapen, I-m suposed to finish it before this monday. And I won’t… because I am anal retentive and will want my site to look VERY cool and pristine, a difficult thing to do if you take in account I haven-t practiced coding in a long while and don-t remember how to make a good Flash animation.


Posted in Memoirs on 2004.09.16 by Jacinto Quesnel

Right now I’m working in a project involving digital pinhole cameras. It will also be a card oracle (similar to a Tarot) for The Hive. And a d20 random generator. AND a I Ching lecture generator.

Ha!… too much work to be done.


Posted in Memoirs on 2004.09.15 by Jacinto Quesnel

I love you all

Blog most prolly will be for Games as Art or something.Whatever… Hello to all my Deviant Friends and to and HUGS and BEERS to all the Abyss ppl, Last Cycle ppl, Bitterreign ppl, Slave State comrades! (you know most of you are the same, love you guys).