Never More a Web Site for me!!

Egoistic ranting, bitching and complaining follows>

I am sick of this, many of us, webmasters or wanabe webmasters share a diseaso known as the LACK OF A SITE OF YOUR OWN.
I mean, like personal temple where you just talk about yourself in a few pages and post some curriculum stuff and that would be it.

Maybe some art… ye know… even some mp3.

But here we are.
I need to do a site for me very quickly tho, because they asked me for one in order to enter a special web design school program. So Here I am, with so many yaers to do it… but I don-t even have Hosting Service for it.

Spare me, I need time I don-t have to make this hapen, I-m suposed to finish it before this monday. And I won’t… because I am anal retentive and will want my site to look VERY cool and pristine, a difficult thing to do if you take in account I haven-t practiced coding in a long while and don-t remember how to make a good Flash animation.


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