I’m still sick and I don’t know what to do. Argh… stupid Staphilococus Aureus… damned be all the uneccesary or overused air conditioners of the world.

In other news, as you may know I have six core projects going on (this taking out the most important one: finishing college, social service and my thesis):

1. I’m helping to build The Hive, with the Slave-State gang.
2. I’m drawing/writing a short 6 pages comic book about three witches that atract children to eat them. Kinda very graphycal stuff here, And I still think I’ll need a fellow penciler so we can do the job much quicker… Ah well… this shouldn’t take more than a month.
3. A short graphic novel and short flim I’m writing, I don’t know if I want to do the drawn material, but shurelly I will do the photography for the film as well. The Graphic novel has the film as it’s climax, so they go thogeter. It’s all about HK triads and Yakuza fighting each other in Mexico City. If you’re interested in helping contact me. This is a long-term project so maybe it will take like… uhm, over a year.
4. A photo’based card deck helpfull for tarot-like readings and as d20 randomizer. Will be mostly Hive-themed.
5. Some sculptures (virtual and in stone).
6. Gettin’ into the videogame industry somehow.

I have this weird feeling I forgot about something…

(Edit: Aug.2007: I forgot about selling my work at a gallery… LOL)

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