Arsenic for that matter.

Everything has it’s limits.
There’s no fiction to describe what we have just discovered. Or, perchance, there’s so much fiction about it that this seems not real.

My brother and I have been poisoned by low doses of Arsenic for at least 10 months.

This would explain so much mysteries:

  • Why was I so tired?. I couldn’t even make it to school last semester. I lost three classes for that matter.
  • Why did my brother, a young man with a healthy diet and daily excersice got high cholesterol and triglicerids.
  • Why where the antibiotics so uneffective to cure my bronchitis when I got sick.
  • Why the bruises, the mouth bleeding, the architris. Architris at our age… c’mon, it’s just not normal.
  • Why did he had such a bad gastritis, and I such a bad indigestion. Hospitalization was needed for those.

So tired, so dizzy… so poisoned. It’s now in my blood, going around… killing me slowly with each heartbeat. Old lace and arsenic. Poetic, fictionable… fashionable.

And so true. No need to make up a tale about it. It’s my life experience.

Cancer could be growing inside of me a few years from now.

I have had thoughts of making her pay for what she has done. In a bad sense. In a gorey twisted psychotic sense. But I know I won’t. I won’t take justice in my hands.

We will get to the police as soon as we get one more proof… just one more. Urine poisoning tests held at University… that would be all. The coup de grace. The time of judgement.

So be it.

I have another story… one about my grand-grand mother. I’ll proceed later on.


2 Responses to “Arsenic for that matter.”

  1. PeterAmthor Says:

    Man that sucks. Hope everything gets straightened out and whoever is responsible has to pay the consequences.

  2. jazek242 Says:

    M e hierve la sabgre de solo pensarlo mosi…que page.

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