New “Fascismo”

Aaaah… the beauty of the Nazi discourse.


2 Responses to “”

  1. ambar Says:

    no que no tenĂ­as internet? …mmmmrrmm

  2. ambar Says:

    Every one is a criminal and a drain on their economy? HA. The criminals are the murdering, stealing americans who abuse, rape and kill mexicans (who are actually people like them, if they didn’t know that) and they do the opposite of draining. Thanks to all these illegal immigrants, the USA’s economy flourishes nicely. Who wants to do an immigrants work like cleaning bathrooms and doing dangerous jobs? They are so stupid. And the “top part” of the border is not where everyone wants to go live and work. I wouldn’t live there even if they paid me to. I believe even Hell is better; at least the Devil isn’t stupid.

    Nice title. They have no idea that they are the New Nazis.

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