“Careful What You Wish For”

Esto corresponde a 32,994 rolas. O al menos eso dice last.fm. Esta moraleja me enoja casi tanto como aquella de “el hubiera no existe”… Diablos!.

El hubiera si existe, implica una oportunidad de aprendizaje. Quizà uno no aprenda nada, pero el hubiera te da la oportunidad de aprender.

No hubiera deseado ser lo que aún deseo ser. Se ha vuelto tan complicado.

En una carta que le escribí hace rato a Eri, mi amiga en Kyoto, dije:

here in Mexico City everything has being getting weird. The climate has been like crazy, and people seems crazy as well. At least we have the colors of flowers and the herbs smell really strong by night, it’s a lovely smell.

Now that I am living downtown life has changed a lot for me. But I am still at a difficulty with finally becoming a great artist as I have wanted. My work seems to still lack consistence, and no art curator has liked any of it yet. I might need to build up a few more series before moving on. Or maybe I should be a bit more “Mexican”?… i just don’t know.

Tal vez debería ser mas completo.


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