This blog has been started from a personal thrive to revise mine and other’s labor, out of infornography, we can then establish a few guidelines:

  • This blog will reflect my personal point of view (that of Jacinto Quesnel, Jhas777 or Jacintoxico) because of my decisions for what data I will collect for it, be it about myself or any other subject, and will arise from my own situations and understandings.
  • Reading this blog, quoting it, or using it anywhere is the responsibility of whoever is browsing it.
  • I’ll introduce text in any language I want, without providing any translation whatsoever if I don’t find it necessary. If you need a translation, you can always try using a translator, maybe like Babelfish.
  • The printed version of this blog might not contain the original links to other web pages or services so you can consult the original blog at: https://jacintoxico.wordpress.com
  • I’m not to be held responsible for what others do or say.
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I am Jacinto Quesnel. I am Visual Arts proffesional and I just graduated from ENAP (Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas – Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México), which means an Art School with a lot of tradition across the past few centuries. I dwell mostly in Visual Arts, Game Design, Digital Imaging and Infornography. I am not very often an sculptor, nor a traditional photographer, nor a graphic designer, nor an illustrator… I’m not even a higly rated programmer or storyteller, or poet, or augmented reality devenloper. Although I guess I’ve done it all of it with a fair ammount of learning.

I see little point in focusing too much into one particular discipline when one can actually jump from one to another when needed and retain a prticular molecule of consistence: self. That said, some might think quite difficult to compose the home website of a “visual-artist of all trades”. Luckily, I’m not that. I’m a Visual Artist and that’s it. I enjoy everything to do with it, as simple as that.

How Game Design or Infornography can actually be translated into my own ends I’m still trying to figure out, and as it might take me my whole life, I really expect it might turn interesting at moments, those moments of reflection will be worth a lifetime for me. Why so “technolyzed”?… why the whole “infornography” word running down across this parapgraphs?. I love the Internet. I once started a career in comunications, I am obsessed with geek/otaku things and I feel information makes me happier. I’ve actually worked in web devenlnopment in the past, I am lucky I even got paid for doing something I could have paid for doing. I miss being a teenager spending my afternoons playing Dungeons & Dragons, I miss being able to watch so much TV in a day that my eyes started to cry. I miss travelling. I want more nonsense ramblings, I want to write more so nobody will read this far, I want to be secretive, and repetitive… like a mantra.

I am a visual artist and an infornographer. I work in the giant Projection screen that covers us all; the powerful and infinite Multi-monitor; an extended version of The Land of Make Believe.

I was born on a hot, spring day in the city of Mérida, Yucatán and couldn’t fit in the cradles for newborns because I was too big for them. Ever since, I have been very tall, but I’ve also had a hard time fitting into the most standardized part of society. With my perception of the world being a bit different because of family background and my position as an outsider, I therefore gradually evolved from a tall baby to a nerdy bullied boy scout -who watched a lot of XHGC-TV-; and then, into an angry teenage geek of many sorts (infornography, anime, sci-fi, roleplaying, horror, internet, conspiracy theory, comics, occult, etc.), always trying to get a hold of something I cannot even name yet but I know is there somewhere, always with me, always propelling me to keep chasing for it and to go forward. As a grown-up settling into visual arts as a profession, I am still trying to make sense of all the glossolalia and automatic writing I put into my art. I find poetry to be a very righteous end.

As an artist, like many other artists before me, I am very confused on how to define my work and what I do as a project. Therefore, I rely upon the faith and honesty I have with my projects. I like to do art about life and, eros and tanathos being almost identical twins, death; and the other, the unnatural. And so I speak, I find the blur in my mind compelling, and I love that impulse to utterly systematize and make sense out of it all. I use, of course, my tools; references to whatever I might have found in my path of life; my geekness; the media; my better philosopher self; my failed science; my ontomemetics.

As a bilingual blogger I have many times stepped into a language gap dilemma; I could write in Spanish for most of the people I deal with in daily life, and I could write in English for most of the people from the Internet. I’ve chosen neither. Spanglish is my choice, mostly English posts but other times in Spanish so that the people I cherish in Mexico can afford to fully understand what I say.

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